3 Things That Spoil Your Web Content

3 Things That Spoil Your Web Content

3 Things That Spoil Your Web Content

I like to read things online. I want to digest good, sensible content. But more often than not, I find articles online that turn off readers. In fact, many of these articles I find have something good to say but there’s just something spoiling it:

1. Bland Content

Readers don’t want to read an article that is monotonous. They can digest it but the problem is it doesn’t excite at all.

 Now, a bland content might be good enough for an online journal but when you are into business, this won’t be good enough to convince your readers.

 To make a lasting impression on your readers, let your content be upbeat, friendly and quirky or perhaps, compassionate and caring depending on which niche you are in.

2. Grammar mistakes

You don’t want to give an impression to your readers that you might be clumsy or worst, uneducated. You may not be good in grammar but you have to minimize or at best, eliminate any grammatical mistakes.

 You should always take note of these common mistakes and if you are not sure with your work, have someone to proofread and edit it.

3. Keyword Stuffing

I’ve come across many articles which insert keywords that are not supposed to be in a sentence or paragraph. It’s out of topic!

Even if your keywords are relevant to the content, make sure you insert it in a way that it reads and sounds natural. It’s annoying to read content when some words are all over the place.

Make your content look and read smart and interesting and people, whether potential customers or business partners, will respect you for a work nicely done. Who knows? The first time they read it could be the first step to making business with them.


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