Let’s Take SEO to a Higher Ground!

Google Panda and Google Penguin

Google Panda and Google Penguin
(source: boxuk.com)

I know many business owners and webmasters who hold negative impressions of SEO. I’ve talked with some of them and they told me of the long hours they spent to fight off pesky SEO agents who frequently spam their sites. Others disliked SEO because of what they’ve read on the news. Remember last year’s New York Times piece on J.C. Penney’s alleged tricks to manipulate Google search? Or who can forget the Panda and Penguin fallout?

Their distrust of SEO particularly SEO companies based in India and other third world countries runs deep and convincing them to sign on is next to impossibility. I don’t blame them, in fact, I understand them.

I, for one, who is based in the Philippines, have seen in the past 3 years how the SEO industry has taken the low road to near irrelevance by resorting to constant irresponsible link building and use of shady tactics to trick search engines and search users. Now, we’ve seen where it brought us and the result was an ugly mess (thanks to Google Panda and Google Penguin).

I knew this thing has been coming all along. It was just a matter of time before a major revamp has to be implemented by Google to stop these deceitful SEO practices. In many ways, Google Panda and Google Penguin have been a positive development for the industry the initial backlash.

First, Google Panda and Google Penguin change the philosophy of many SEO marketers. Instead of just building massive links, they now realize the importance of giving satisfaction to users so that they’ll get more reviews and generate valuable leads.

Second, Google Panda and Google Penguin force SEO marketers to re-evaluate their techniques and strategies whether it still conforms to Google SEO Guidelines or not. Many techniques and strategies were discarded (including keyword stuffing and massive submissions) while others were fine-tuned for better search experience.

Finally, Google Panda and Google Penguin force more SEO marketers to utilize Social Media to reach their targeted audience making the process more personal and engaging.

With these SEO changes, the industry is off to a good reboot! Let’s take SEO to a higher ground!


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